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Unit 2Z : Cooper House, 2 Michael Road, SW6 2AD

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The Studio:

Housed in Bowerman Studios at the Gasworks in Chelsea London, Freefall Studios UK offers a range of services including recording, mixing and production at cost effective rates. With access to a range of modern & vintage microphones from Neumann, AKG, Schoeps, Røde to name a few and outboard from D.A.V, API, Avedis & CAPI.

Each project is treated with a unique approach to capture the individual characteristics of the client. With sounds benchmarking national release recordings, Freefall Studios proves you don’t need to break the bank to get a great sounding record.

Antonio Hanna:

Antonio is the owner of Freefall Studios and has been engineering a diverse range of musical styles for the past four years from his Sydney studio.

Working in conjunction with some of Australia’s best producers and upcoming artists, Antonio has collaborated with producers such as Greg Stace, Dave Petrovich & Shane Edwards who have between them worked on global artist such as One Dollar Short, Amy Meredith, The Veronicas, Buried in Verona & Tonight Alive.

Known for his meticulous care in song development, creativity and artistic integrity, Antonio takes great pride in his work and delivers consistently high results of international standard.

Client Samples:

Haus : Yankee – Recording / Production / Mixing

Jubilants : Fiasco – Recording / Production / Mixing

The Limited : Who are You – Recording / Production / Mixing

Haus : Ceasefire (Live) – Recording / Mixing

Paper City Thief : Something Whispers – Recording / Production

The Never Ever : Breathe – Recording / Production / Mixing

New Navy : Zimbabwe – Recording / Production

Kid Mac : She Goes Off – Recording / Additional Production / Mixing

Heiress : Consrtictors – Recording / Production

The Studio:


Drum Room 2Drum Room

Edit / Mix Suite:

Edit Suite



Please email:

Have a set budget in mind? Email direct to discuss your project now!

Contact Freefall Studios :


P: 07880 322 386





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